The Program To Reach Us

The Community Supervision program began in 1998.

It is a program financed by les Services correctionnels du Québec that allows community organizations to ensure the supervision and follow-up of provincial clients in the community.

The clientele referred to this program falls under three legal categories: probation order, conditional sentence order, conditional release.

The community workers responsible for this service supervise approximately 220 women on a weekly basis or more often, depending on the individual woman’s court order. They ensure that the women respect the conditions of their court order, while offering advice and assistance to them.

The community workers have the legal mandate to supervise the women under conditional sentence order who are referred to them. The probation officers have the legal mandate for those women under a probation order or under conditional release, but the community workers remain responsible for the supervision. In all cases, the community workers are in continuous contact with the agents of the Probation Office.

Women under a conditional sentence or a probation order are referred by the Municipal Court or the Courthouse. Those who are under conditional release come from Maison Thérèse-Casgrain at the end of their stay. These women who have not completed their sentence continue to be legally supervised on an external basis and can preserve their contact with the resource that originally welcomed them.

The Team

Lyne Gazaille,  Coordinator
Tel: (514) 489-2116 ext. 225

Maryse Desroches, Community Worker
Tel: (514) 489-2116 ext. 228

Mélanie Turcotte, Community Worker (Maternity leave)
Tel: (514) 489-2116 ext. 231

Camille Lachambre, Community Worker 
Tel: (514) 489-2116 ext. 230

Anne-Marie Gascon, Community Worker
Tel: (514) 489-2116 ext. 267