Former resident of the Thérèse-Casgrain Halfway House, visual artist et the AGIR / ART OF WOMEN IN PRISON exhibition , coordinator of the Art Entr’Elles collective , community worker at Continuité famille auprès des détenues (CFAD), Geneviève Fortin has been around the Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec for several years. Now employed at Cactus Montreal, she recently published her first book of which a significant part is dedicated to the community arts – a trigger of personal and social change.

The book was written with the collaboration of Martin Forgues and published by Parfum d’encre.

You can follow Geneviève on Facebook. To purchase her book click here.

Geneviève dans les médias
Mitsou Gélinas
24 | 60 minutes / RDI
Rima Elkouri / La Presse
Pénélope McQuade / Radio-Canada
Medium large / Radio-Canada
Silvia Galipeau / La Presse
On prend toujours un train / Radio-Canada

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