Collaboration with researchers and a research assistant of the University of Montreal has allowed us to make an assessment of the service we offer to women accused of economic crimes (The EVE Program). The research team consisted of Éloïse Meunier, a graduate student in criminology, Jo- Anne Wemmers, PhD, and Estibaliz Jimenez, PhD (2013). Although the EVE Program is appreciated by all parties involved in the legal process of the accused women, prosecutors, defense lawyers, Court officials, women themselves and their families, and has demonstrated positive results, it has been suffering of a lack of funding for several years. We hope that the concrete results of this evaluation will contribute in convincing our public donors of the great value of this service.

The Evaluation Report is available here (in French only).

To read the article published in Criminologie, vol. 46, n° 1, 2013, p. 269-287, click here (in French only).

ABSTRACT • Crimes that are committed by women are typically economic or commercial crimes. Community-based sanctions can offer an alternative to the criminal justice system and more traditional sanctions. In this article we present the findings from an evaluation of the “Entraide Vol à l’Étalage” (EVE) program, in Quebec. This program is offered prior to sentencing to women accused of shoplifting and other economic crimes. It is a learning program, which aims to educate and assist the women in order to prevent re-offending. The results show that women who participate in the program receive lighter sentences and are less likely to re-offend than a group of women who committed similar offences but did not participate in the program.

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