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A Free Service For Criminalized Women

A lawyer is available to advise and assist incarcerated women who are awaiting trial or who are already incarcerated, free of charge. The lawyer mandated by the Société offers her services to women in Etablissement Leclerc-Laval.  The service is also offered to those women serving their sentences in the community.

Each year, some 300 women receive help:  information on judicial procedures, advice, liaison with their lawyers, procedures to resolve problems with lodging, civil or family law, or problems relating to their incarceration, appeal or parole board hearings.

This service is financed by the Congrégation des Soeurs de Sainte-Anne/Rêve d’Esther.

The Legal Advice Service has the following objectives:

  • To give information and legal advice;
  • To promote accessibility to justice to women in prison;
  • To promote the humanization of justice.


Her Role

  • To counsel women on such problems as child custody, leases, personal effects, immigration, debts, income tax, prison law, and any other problem of a legal nature;
  • To inform and educate women on the laws and administrative rules regarding the work code, income, family, lodging, parole, administrative and dissociative segregation;
  • To support the incarcerated women in their efforts with the CQLC or PBC and/or any other judicial or administrative body

Me Lida Nouraie
Office in Montréal
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or by e-mail at admin@elizabethfry.qc.ca
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