The Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec team was invited to the RIDM closing ceremony to announce, for the fourth consecutive year, the Women Inmate’s Award. The Jury was formed of five women detained at the Joliette Federal Institution. In 2011, the Women Inmates’ Award was given to the movie Bouton by Res Balzli. In 2012, to 5 Broken Cameras by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi and in 2013 to the movie Expedition to the End of the World by Daniel Dencik.

Unfortunately, none of the members were permitted to join the event and represent the Jury. So it’s with a little bit of sadness, but great enthusiasm, that we shared their words with the audience:

Because the director succeeded in fully immersing us into the story,

Because the film kept us on the edges of our seats, right to the end,

For raising intimate questions that opened our eyes on realities and values so different from ours:

 The award goes to Examen d’État by Dieudo Hamadi.



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